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The two Lunar Eclipses point to health, both mental and physical being interlinked. You need to be fit and healthy and streamline your efficiency to get through piles of chores. The August Leo Eclipse will find you looking ahead, making longer term plans, expanding your circle of acquaintances and being more team-minded. The two Lunar Eclipses add another dimension of not forgetting to enjoy life, party when you can, and include friends in your life. The August Leo Eclipse at your midheaven says you must step out boldly at work, push your ambitions ahead and demand more recognition for your achievements and talents.

The two Lunar Eclipses says forging a balance between happiness at home and self-worth in your career or outside activities is vital.

Building yourself secure emotional foundations is vital. The August Leo Eclipse says now you can fly higher, think big and aim for the stars. The August Leo Eclipse will prompt you to change the habits of a lifetime and share, care, relate and co-operate in a more engaged way if you are to gain emotional and financial fulfilment. The two Lunar Eclipses say finding a balance between independence and interdependence is vital.

AQUARIUS: The February Pisces Eclipse in your chart area of personal finances says you need to get a grip on spending and take the initiative about making your cash situation better organised and more vibrant for the time ahead. The August Leo eclipse says close relationships will be under your scrutiny, with a sense that you need to make adjustments to be more adaptable and co-operative moving ahead if you want satisfaction. Being slightly more self-sufficient and independent will mean you rely more on yourself to make the decisions that suit you.

The August Leo Solar Eclipse in your chart area of work and health, will prompt you to be more focussed on the practical areas of life — staying fit in your body, and being better organised since additional tasks will mean a busy time ahead. The two Lunar Eclipses hint at a need for quiet time for reflection as well as pushing yourself to be more efficient with everyday chores.

It may seem too far back to connect this eclipse to events in OR At the time there was little outward sign of the kind of events such a powerhouse of influences might have suggested. But in January the same aspects recurred with Mars returning for the first time since to Scorpio, and along with the Aquarian Sun picking up the tale end of the waning, disruptive Saturn Uranus square.

DISASTERS At precisely the time those aspects repeated the devastating Gujarat earthquake in central western India on January 26 - exactly on the eclipse path - occurred as these aspects all came together again. Both UK and India have very fixed charts with major planetary configurations in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, which were especially triggered off by the eclipse and these transitting planets in fixed signs. Even later still in late March , when Mars again in a fixed sign - Taurus - running into the square to Uranus, coincided with a major earthquake in Afghanistan, also on that eclipse path.

Although Japan was not on the path of the eclipse, it clearly resonates to the 1 North Saros cycle eclipses, since a previous one fell in , weeks away from the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb. In early the admission that Japan's economy was at the point of collapse was finally made. This all provides more questions that answers at the present moment but is worth watching for the future that eclipse effects can be delayed, especially where the eclipse path is concerned, in certain cases for some years. The solar and lunar eclipse always fall two weeks apart, on the New Moon and the Full Moon.

Some eclipses are partial, and thus less powerful from an astrological viewpoint but even total solar eclipses happen almost every year. Eclipse Spectacular Lunar eclipses, when visible, can be easily seen by half the earth's population, but solar eclipses can only be seen on the path of the eclipse trajectory, which varies every time. The last time a total eclipse was seen was in Britain was in , when novelist Virginia Woolf recorded in her diary " We had seen the world dead". Ostriches Look Up At the simple level of sun sign astrology eclipses focus the attention of each of the 12 star signs from Aries to Pisces on a different area of their lives where they need to pick up the ball and run with it.

Where the focus falls personally for you will depend on which sign the eclipse falls. See table below. A passive wait-and-see approach, burying your head in the sand, usually does not work. You either volunteer to make radical changes, or they are involuntarily forced on you. Some change is inevitable but you do have a choice about how you handle it.

Nervous Nature We do know there is evidence in nature of a tangible response to eclipse atmosphere in nature. Monkeys get nervous and waken up during eclipses, even when hidden by clouds. Mistletoe sap rises significantly. My own impression from working in a mental hospital, is that psychological disturbances become heightened, since the intake in the acute admission wards always went up in the days around eclipses. So human behaviour responds both personally and collectively, alongside nature to the little understood physical changes which occur in our universe during eclipses.

Set your Compass The theme set by the eclipses is felt most powerfully in the month preceding and following the eclipse date, but usually sets a tone for the six months ahead until the next eclipse. The eclipses also highlight areas in the personal birth chart. If you know your planetary positions, and find your ascendant sign, then read the meaning for that as well as your birthday Sun star sign. For the astro-buffs, the eclipses also aspect planets on the personal chart.

To take a tragic example, in the personal birth charts of both John F. This was exactly on last year's August eclipse axis, which started its trajectory on the Eastern seaboard where JFK Jnr was tragically killed only a few days before. Emotional upsets of a dramatically sudden nature were to be expected.

The Chernobyl disaster, when the Russian nuclear power station melted down sending out a nuclear fallout greater than Hiroshima bombs, occurred on the day of a lunar eclipse on 24th April The Titanic sank on April 15 only two days before a Solar eclipse with the loss of lives. Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment and made President of South Africa on the exact day of solar eclipses; and was released from prison two days after a lunar eclipse August Retro The 1 North eclipse last August which warned of health problems, and cautioned against hasty decisions was previously around 18 years before in Two days before the solar eclipse in July , Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married, which is perhaps a case in point.

Eeriely this 1 North eclipse, which over shadowed the recent tragic death of John F. Kennedy, was the one in place when his premature baby brother, Patrick Kennedy, died in on August 9, two weeks after the solar eclipse of July 20th, and only four months before the assassination of J. Rolling back to to another 1 North eclipse influence, American forces dropped the world's first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing , people, four weeks after the solar eclipse.

July The Solar Eclipse falling July 1st is in the Saros series which was previously operating on the day Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in , 2 Old North, also occurred on the day of the birth of the Queen's grandson and second in succession to the throne, Prince William. This cycle hints at separations, and major challenges, though with a long term hopeful outcome. Mandela's release from prison in was two days after the same 10 North lunar eclipse as oversaw his birth in When he became President in , it was on the day of the 14 South solar eclipse in Taurus generally though to bring breakthroughs, and success after a long period of hard work.

Eclipsed Countries: Britain Certain countries appear to resonate more strongly to specific Saros cycle eclipses. The 18 North solar eclipse fell only a day after the death of Princess Diana in a Paris car crash in Rolling back 18 years 11 days to the previous 18 North solar eclipse, Earl Mounbatten, the Queen's uncle, was killed along with three others by an IRA bomb, only five days after the total solar eclipse. The Fastnet Yacht Race disaster also occurred in the same month, with 17 yachstmen drowned.

Back one to , this eclipse was fell five weeks after Princess Diana's birth, and within two days of the Brandeburg Gate being closed and the building of the Berlin Wall began. In , close to the 1 North lunar eclipse, the heaviest German bombing raids on London since were taking place, with the Royal Family still in residence. Back to , the 18 North cycle oversaw the births of the two most powerful women in 20th Century British history. In the lunar eclipse was closest to the present Queen's own birth; and in the previous year the 18 North solar eclipse was the cycle in place within weeks of Margaret Thatcher's birth.

Back again to and the King and Crown Prince of Portugal were assassinated within two weeks of the 18 North lunar eclipse. In , our next lunar eclipse will occur on July 16—17 , when the moon in Capricorn aligns perfectly with the sun in Cancer at 24 degrees. Remember, cosmic warriors, endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: A culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning.

OK, so what does this all actually mean? Interestingly, the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses will impact everyone differently based on their personal birth chart. Accordingly, the partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 13, was a big deal because it was the first lunation in a brand-new series.

In other words, it marked the very first chapter of a new karmic story. Think back to what occurred in your life at this time and consider the major players, conflicts, and the location. Now, consider the same questions about the next lunation that touched down on January 5—6, Did these narratives continue to unfold?

Take a moment to consider the theme of this eclipse series; it will carry you all the way through July It takes approximately nine years for the lunar nodes which trigger eclipses to orbit the zodiac, so the last time we experienced eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis was through In fact, the eclipse on July 13, , is directly connected to an eclipse that occurred on July 11, Think back to that time. It may provide clues as to how this upcoming eclipse series will impact you.

Pay close attention to what is occurring in your life at this time. You can be sure to anticipate some major pivots over the next two years. Everyone will be impacted by these eclipses, though some charts will be electrified more than others. Take a look at your birth chart : If your lunar nodes are in Cancer-Capricorn or Aries-Libra, buckle up.

This next year and a half will be wild. By , everything will be different. Couple it with the start of the new year and Uranus going direct, and the days that follow this new moon present an open road for you take off in the direction of your most aligned life. Are you ready to live cosmically aligned in ? In the comments below, let me know what major change you intend to create in your life.

What are you doing to align the trajectory of your life with your most desired outcome? Remember solar eclipses initiate year cycles. Actions taken, intentions set, and decisions made now, potentially have a long-term impact! Choose wisely and sincerely. I am learning to embrace the shadow so that I can shine my light. Mostly right now I am unifying my actions towards my goals and relinquishing that grasp on the fruits to come. This week I spent in a tiny little cottage on an island in Puget sound working on my website finally!!

This new moon will also see the launch of the corporate-friendlier version of the event production side of my business. Setting strong intentions for lots of good creative work, abundant affirmation of the offerings and clients who are happy and generous. As I hope to be. I set things in motion, and eight months later, all my intentions came true as I drove onto campus with the first car I ever purchased for myself.

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Talk about synchronicities!! Thank you for your wonderful blog.

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We made the decision in Dec:Jan to give it another try and I was to potentially move cities to be with him in the new year. Today I am married to that man. However we lack communication, we want the same things in life but have a hard time getting on the same page and completely misunderstand each other most of the time. I want this to change and I suppose this year is a good year to start fresh. In , I picked my self up and moved away from people who I finally got fed up with. It took me 6 months to pack up and go and I have regretted nothing.

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I have accomplished much in the past 18 years. But now 18 years later, I am being confronted with the same thing only with different people. I know I am destined for something incredible otherwise people would not work so hard to run interference on me. I am excited and energized.

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I know is going to be an incredible year for me. I am letting nothing stop me. Thank you Jennifer for leading us into greatness. This year I intend to create more health and peace in my relationship with my finances by spending the time learning new healthy habits and unlearning the patterns of behaviour I have had with finances in the past.

My soul feels lighter and wider and I am also constantly asking myself for more flow, more listening and more connecting with the energies and planets and spirit to find the guidance I need to make the changes I desire to make. I am going to set those intentions today and I can feel already how powerful the changes will be. And the long term 19 year aspect of it also thrills me! I have a couple themes that I am focusing on for Self validation and abundance, being and speaking with authenticity, and connecting more with seekers on the same vibration as I am.